Online Library

Welcome to TurningPoint’s online library.  We hope you will find these resources useful.   Here is a description of each drop down menu option:

Read Online:  These are free books and other materials that you can read online or download to your computer.  Many of the material listed here may also be viewable on your e-readers.  Look for your e-reader format on the description page for each item or follow the specific  instruction for transferring this type of data to your device.  * For Kindle Users: download this free Send to Kindle App to be able to send PDF’s, Word documents and more to your Kindle for free.

Free e-books: these materials are available in several e-book formats and are all free.  You will need to follow your devices specific download/transfer instructions to get them onto your device. *Kindle also has free reading apps available for download to a number of devices including phones.

Print books: this section is a listing of’s author pages that are meant to point you in the direction of some great classic and modern authors that you may want to read.  These lists will provide you with print, kindle and audio books for sale.